Eclipse 1

The Eclipse 1 is ideal for displaying standard mobile phones and smart phones, with widths between 49 and 101 mm.

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Eclipse 2

The Eclipse 2 is for perfect for displaying iPads, iPad Minis, and all other mini and standard tablets, with widths between 102-250 mm

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Mobile & Smart Phone Security

Displaying a working mobile phone is now easily possible with our neat and compact Mobile and Smart Phone display unit.

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The Core

Is an unobtrusive design, which allows full interactive use of tablets. Secured with high security cable and/or a rotating stand for desk or wall mounting.

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Two piece solid steel design allows your laptop to be locked in an open or closed position, providing the highest possible security. It can be bolted down or affixed with high security cable.

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Is light, compact and portable whilst still providing high security against theft. It can fit into laptop bags and is ideal when travelling or students.

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R-8620 & L4000

Are designed to secure open notebooks, these are bolted to a flat surface, while allowing the laptop to be rotated securely.

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T Series

For PC towers & servers, it fits snugly over any size of tower and can be bolted to a flat surface or side mounted to wall or desk.

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Monitor Security

The CompuCollar offers a robust, attractive theft deterrent for flat-panel monitors. The hardened steel collar will secure your monitor without restricting its range of movement.

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Laptop Security Cables

A range of heavy duty customisable cables that suits every office or retail environment.

Comes complete with locks and keys.

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